Blockchain to Assist Young Tennis Players

Elena Vesnina Sport Blockchain to Assist Young Tennis Players
Blockchain to Assist Young Tennis Players


Blockchain to Assist Young Tennis Players

Posted By Julia Konovalova

Trading Platforms are of great help to learn about trading and investing on crypto. But did you know that the blockchain has an immense capacity to transform the promotion of talent and assistance for aspiring young celebrities in the field of music, art, sports, and more so they don’t give up or quit? This purpose is at the core of TokenStars since there is no celebrity too young or small to be monetized or be given legal value to on the blockchain. If you are interested, Crypto margins signals are available to check when to invest.

TokenStars is the first ever project to tokenize individuals, particularly celebrities. It begins with verticals for football and tennis. Later on, it will make use of a shared setup and introduce the new verticals for other celebrities such as players of hockey, basketball, poker including models, cinema actors, and musicians.

Sports Celebrities are Assets

Generally, sports pros and personalities can be regarded as assets. Through the development of their careers, athletes become better and their skills are enhanced. They acquire unique capabilities and begin to play against professionals with greater skills which betters their skills and abilities further. They termed this the ‘self-reinforcing professionalism cycle’.

Likewise, amazing outcomes invite and draw in fans which at the same time attracts potential sponsors to the athlete. These sponsors compensate the disproportionally high amount of money to athletes who are popular today. They, in turn, begin to have a celebrity life and fascinate even more supporters and followers. This is the ‘self-reinforcing celebrity status cycle’.

Tennis – Among the Most Popular Sports

One of the most popular global sport is tennis. When triumphant, players of tennis take home a prize money that is under 1 million US dollars for the 400th rated player and more than 60 million US dollars for players that are in the top 5. They also are given the opportunity to sign sponsorship contracts which are approximately 5 to 10 times greater than the prize money made throughout the career of the player.

ACE intends to make available finance and promotional means to aspiring tennis athletes at the junior age to avoid them from quitting or withdrawing from sports. Getting assistance considerably intensifies their probabilities to go beyond in the professionalism cycle, and ultimately for the success.

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Written by Julia Konovalova

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