Building a Concrete Tennis Court for the Community

Elena Vesnina Tennis Building a Concrete Tennis Court for the Community
Building a Concrete Tennis Court for the Community


Building a Concrete Tennis Court for the Community

Posted By Julia Konovalova

If your community plans to build a tennis court for the benefit of everyone in the neighborhood, you will need the right funds and planning. Roughly, the cost to build a tennis court runs from $50,000 to $80,000. The cost may vary according to the type of court and other specifications needed for the planned court.

After planning and funding had been worked out, you will need to put the plan into action. Find a tradesman who has the right skills to do the project. You may contract the job out or lead a team of tradesmen to complete the job. Nonetheless, you will still need a professional contractor to get things done smoothly.

An experienced and qualified contractor can install the tennis court according to the community specifications and will work within the price agreed upon.

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Advantage of deciding on a concrete floor tennis court

Why concrete for a tennis court?

“Concrete play courts are more durable, low maintenance, and crack resistant. Munson specializes in post-tensioned concrete and other types of play courts, and has won national and state awards for its concrete tennis court installations.”

Fred Kolkmann
Tennis and Track Division Manager
Munson Inc., Glendale, Wis.

The most significant downside of asphalt tennis courts is not the split and crack effects. Note that post-tensioned slab can also split and crack due to shrinkage. It can also come to the point that it acquires minimal structural damage, however, the splits and cracks will go on and expand each year. Tennis courts with splits and cracks post hazards to players. The benefit of having a post-tensioned piece is that it will not permit the split and crack to expand but actually helps keep it compacted to an extremely thin line.

Asphalt tennis courts may also build up lowered parts through time. This is in the account of the soil or base settling under the asphalt. Having a concrete floor tennis court, the area could be bridged so that settling will not take place.

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Written by Julia Konovalova

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