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The new official website of Elena is www.elena-vesnina.ru . The website is in Russian, English and German.
Hello everyone,

welcome to my official website. You can find all about me, my results from junior and WTA-Tour, statistics, biography, exclusive photos on and off court and many more.
I hope you enjoy the website.

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quarterfinal in Pattaya
After the busy day yesterday, Elena played today the quarterfinal match against country woman Maria Kirilenko. Kirilenko is seeds number 2. It was again a tough match. With a little bit more luck, Kirilenko won the first set in tie-break. In second set Elena was fighting, but at the end she was tired from all the matches yesterday. Kirilenko won this match 7:6 and 6:3.

(ITA-Sport) February 01, 2013
Pattaya 2 matches on one day
After the Australian Open, Elena is now in Pattaya. The first round match was scheduled on tuesday, but every day it is raining in Thailand. Finally Elena played the first round match today against Eleni Daniilidou. The beginning was very good. Elena won the first set comfortable 6:2. The second set was much more tough. Daniilidou won the second set 7:5. The final set was agin a good set for the Russian. After 2 hours and 45 minutes Elena won the opening round 6:2, 5:7 and 6:2.
After some hours, Elena played the second round against Mathilde Johansson from France. This was again a very tough match. After 2 hours and 35 minutes, Elena won 6:2, 3:6 and 6:1. Elena played today more than 5 hours for two matches.

(ITA-Sport) January 31, 2013
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2012 gallery Moscow off-court
Here you can see in the gallery exclusive photos of Elena from player party in Moscow.

copyright by: Thomas Schulze / ITA-Sport

2012 gallery Moscow on-court
Here you can see in the gallery photos of Elena from Moscow including final.

copyright by: Thomas Schulze / ITA-Sport

Race - Singles
No. 33
No. 8
No. 9



(7) Elena Vesnina 6 3
(2) Maria Kirilenko
7 6

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