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Video Games?
Hi Elena :)

I'm a really big fan and I feel so thankful that you take the time to respond to us!
Would you ever consider appearing (a likeness of yourself) in tennis video games?

A small hope
Dear Elena
My name is Zhang Wentao.I´m a Chinese.I´m a student.I want to meet you oneday.That´s a fantastic experience.And I meet you in my dreams every day.You are really beautiful.You are an excellent player But you aren´t very famous in China.´m very sad because I can ´ t get pictures of you . European fans are lucky because they can get your pictures. And you appear in the tennis magazines in Europe.But I´m unluky.I live in Asia.Could you send me some photos?This is my hope.If you read my message , I will tell you my address.
Good luck in 2010.
Please write to me soon.
Best wishes

(Zhang Wentao)
I play with the BPS GT like you do ... what strings and tension do you use?


Samll question... :-)
Hi Elena! I know that a lot of tennis players love you cause you are a really nice and friendly, but who is your best friend on ATP and WTA tour? What do you think about Dinara and Marat? Love, xxx

your idol
Who is your idol in the tennis world???

Dear Elena,
My name is Veronika and I´m fourteen years old.I live in the Czech Republic.I´m bif fan of you.I admire so much you since I watched you on US Open.You played excellent!I keep my fingers crossed for you all the time.You´re very talented and absolutely fantastic tennis player and I think that you are the best on the world!!!!The greatest wish of mine is to meet you person one day.It would be an adventure of my whole life.I don´´t miss any match game when you playing.When you are in a magazine I must buy it at once and I must cut every article about you.I´ve big collection of you and I´ve pictures of you all over my wall.
I would love to ask you fo a favour.It would be just fantastic if you could send me you signed photo,I would be very grateful to you.If it was possible to personalize it to me,I just couldn´t be happier,I would be excited!
Thank you soo much for your time to reading of this message and for signed photo!It means so much to me!
Good luck witl all your upcoming project and future successses!!!

Your great fan,
Veronika :-)

Veronika Matuskova
Mlynska 335
Czech Republic

its embarrassing....
hello elena,

sometimes it is embarrassing to be a man in this world when so many of us make complete fools of ourselves -- for example when i read how some of these pathetic guys just want to tell you how they are in love with you and how they cant wait to see you play because you are attractive. obviously you are a beautiful young woman but it makes me cringe to read how some of these perverts talk to you. it must make you a little uncomfortable but the reality is most guys are desperate and have very little class or consideration for your thoughts and feelings. i must apologize for these mindless dirtbags and try to restore some of your faith in men that you may have lost as you read some of the messages written to you.

i just wanted to say i admire your game, your mental approach and positive attitude sets a good example for young girls aspiring to one day become star tennis players. you possess a rare combination of power and grace, talent and willingness to learn, drive to win and heart to never quit, and the mental toughness that will one day will hopefully all lead to your interview at centre court after beating venus or serena at that little tourney at the all england club... ironically i live in the same gated community as the williams sisters in palm beach gardens florida and i would be happy for you if you could one day meet on of them in the finals and teach one of them a lesson - they have enough titles any way.

dont you get totally turned off by all these losers who just come on to your site so they can drool all over you and ask stupid classless questions like when are you gonna do a playboy photo shoot???

i guess you have more patience than me. i would tell these idiots to $#&* off but obviously you are too classy for that.

whoever is dating you is a lucky guy ( or girl ;) sorry... anything is possible... lol...) but i think these "fans" should try more to talk tennis than ask for your hand in marriage. i promise we're not all that pathetic and desperate but just remember "Lubov ni kartoshka... ni vibrasitch za okoshka!!!" - i am sure i my spelling is wrong but that was always my babushka's advice for me so i thought i would share that with you. ha-ha...

best of luck for the rest of the year. you have earned my respect.

erik z.

(Erik Zubkov)
Tennis and Art
Hello, if you like tennis and art, have you seen www.ultimatetennisart.com?

(Mike Weinstein)
Dear Elena,

I am writing to you to ask if you could please send me a personally autographed photo of yourself. I have collected signed photos as a hobby for many years, and if its not too much trouble to yourself, I would very much like to add yours to my collection.

If this is possible, my address is as follows:

David Fletcher,
7, Holt Vale,
Leeds, LS16 7PL,

Thank you very much for your time,


(David Fletcher)
Hi Elena, how are you?
I'm your italian fan and I would aks to you how I can do to receive a your photo with your sign if it's possible.

Thank you very much and good luck!

New Zealand
I hear you coming back to NZ for the ASB Classic in the new year...Hopefully you win this time...
are you planning to cisit any part of our beautiful country while you down here.. or is it all Tennis.. leading up the Melboroune grand slam..>

Elena live on TV
Hello dear Elena,
Finally I had the possibility to see you direct live on Eurosport TV to play on Court the match of today vs Jelena.
I'm sorry you lost lefting the field cause an injuiry. I hope you will be fine as soon as possible.
However the time I saw you it has been sufficient to beglad and to say my thanks to Gos you're still a good girl. I can't foget your light figure of athlete and your kind personality.
Bye dear Elena may God bless you ever. With my best hugs and Kisses.... hoping to see you again in a while :)

Hi Elena
Im a Mexican fan and i want to say you that you are really beautiful and i hope you can come to Mexico. A lot of kisses for you I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU ELENA, please send me kisses too.

Felipe Martinez

Privet Elena!!!! Happy birthday!!!!
Hello Elena,good morning!!!!!!;)
How are you?
I hope that you are doing fine....
You are fantastic!!!!!
Happy birthday!!!!!
I wish you above all happiness,joy,love,serenity,all the best for you and people you love.....
Also,I hope that you could realize your dreams and desires....
Talk to you very soon Elena;have a nice Saturday!!!!!!;)
Enjoy your day!!!!!
Take care,many kisses and hugs:)
Much love,

The beautifuelst!!!!!
hi elena,you r for me the bautifuels player on the wta tour, go on like this youre amazing!!!!!!


say hi
hello elena! just say i'm your biggest fan i follow your carrer since begging i hope you doing well for the rest of the year and the next year and next and next... the best wishes for you in the tennis and your life.

hi elena
good luck in cincinnati coming up your a beautiful woman and you keep moving up the rankings

Elena's Birthday
Hello dear Elena,
Happy birthday
Great is the day you borned: one good creature more on this earth and in my life. Thanking Jesus Crist for everyone of the years of your life I wish to you with all my deep affect to be and to remain always a good girl and a carefull person. In fact all in you is made to be loved with a high sentiment.
Wishing you to live in the spirit of the following words:
"Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. [Colossians 3:2]"
as the condition to be free and clear every day of your life. I send you my best Bye XOXO, PAKO with my best hugs and a lot of Kisses.
Post Scriptum: Is tere a piece of cake remained for me?!!!:)

Wimbledon 2009
Hello dear Elena,
I hope you're fine. I want to wish you to have a very good Tournament of Wimbledon. It's a very important appointment of the year especially becouse it's made in the Country in which the Tennis was borned.
May God bless you Elena and gives to you the force to remain a good girl and to play well.
Bye dear Elena with my best hugs and Kisses to you

Wimbledon 2009
Greetings Elena!

Firstly let me say that you look absolutely gorgeous!

Now to my question: Have you set up any goals for yourself as far as your tennis career is concerned? I mean, do you see yourself in the Top 10 within the next 2 years or so? How hard are you working to achieve your goals?

As far as wimbledon is concerned, how do you think your chances are this year?

Hope to see you reply soon! And all the very best for your future!!

Hi elena, congratulations for your good results this year. My question is: How long to you spend time in Sochi in one year?

Do you enjoy the working with your coach?

congrats to a great victory.
first of all congrats for your victory in last match. i'm a diehard of u. i wish and admire you to play to your strength and win the wimbledon title this time.

(ranjith k gadila)
Hi, I just watched your match against Dementieva. Although you lost, you looked pretty good out there. And I must say you're gorgeous. Keep your head up!

(Michael Hill)
Just saw you finish your game not to long ago. I really admire your play albeit the result :( I was cheering for you all the way from Australia. Reaching the last 16 is a good effort and i wish you more success. I have never written congratulations to a tennis player but you are talented and very beautiful. I hope to see you in Australia for our open. What other tournaments have you got coming up?

(Ricky Walsh)
Dear Elena
It was nice u in the finals of the doubles at the French opne, will be you be participating in the Sunfeast open in India?

I Love you
I love you,
I love watching you play tennis,
You are the cutest tennis player to me,
I am from Hong Kong,
Have you been to Hong Kong before?

(Gary Wong)
can you send me your favourite pictures that means beutiful moments for you ?

A fantastic result : the final of doubles matches at French Open
Hello Elena & Victoria,
My best compliments for your vicktories especialy that of semifinal which gave t you and Victoria the possibility to play the final in this important Tournament.
I'm reallly happy of your result that is now the first of all your professional career.
I wish you to win the title and I 'm sure that you and Victoria have the right level of agonism inside you and a high level of mental focus to enetr with the good step on Court and gain the vicktoy.
God bless you Elena and Victoria and gives to all you the power to win.
Usually the final of doubles matches is not transmitted direct live on TV but I want to say tyou that I'm with you and I think to your healthy.
Bye Elena ad Vicktoria with my best hugs and Kisses , a lot of Kisses...

Hi Elena!! I'm a spanish fan. You have a very nice tennis, you always have a sunrise in your face even when you don't win and I would like see you playing in a spanish tournament. I'd like to know what match was the best for you this year. I send my best wishes. A lot of kisses from Spain!

Hi Elena,
Firstly, I want to say THANKS for your BEAUTIFULS matches! I like it to see! My question: What do you with your old raquets??

I hope that you can answer my question. Thanks and GOOD LUCK ;-)


becoming a tennis player
how can i become as good as you and what physical state do you have to be in. I also want to know how to become a pro and is your babolat pure drive a good racket?

(shaun elgie (12))
life on tour
hey elena. i've been a fan for awhile now and i was wondering what its like to play on tour? what are the best and worst parts about it? who are some of ur friends on tour?

First Final of the year
Hi Elena,
I would like to congratulate you on your first final of the year and the way you have played all week in Auckland.
It wasn't meant to be today but you put up a hard fight, much better than the scoreline would suggest nd I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you are lifting a trophy yourself.
A great start to the 2009 campaign.
Long may this good form continue.

Best regards,


(Paul Wilford)
A good present for Saint Valentine's day time..
Hello Elena,
My best compliments for your Vicktories at the Dubai's Tournament. Especially I 'm pleased to see yu direct live on Eurosport Tv. It has been a great ocasion for you to do you know from the public arond the world.
I admire your capacity to fight without mental preassure even when you are loosing and this it has been the meaning of your succes today in the match with Svetlana.
I hope to see you again.
Bye Elena with hugs and Kisses.

Winning a Tourtment This year!
Hi,Elena,If you Win Please Tell Me,If It Is Doubles! I Like It To,And I Am A Big Fan Of Russia.So I Love The Russian Crowd!

greetings from switzerland
hello Elena i saw you for the first time when you played in dubai. you were so great... i wish you the best in your future play...

(Nebojsa Miladinovic)
HI Elena, well i like your style of clothing so my question is what are your favorites trade marks and how you can qualified your clothign style?

answer of your questions
Hi everyone,
today I will answer some of your questions. It was a long time since my last answered.

Hi Nizam!I prefer playing singles,its my priority, my doubles is also important, it give u some confident in your net game and some practise before singles matches, sometimes it takes a lot of energy, thats why this year ill try balance my tournament in singles and doubles..

Hi Sathiya! Thank you for your words and for question...No, we dont have in Moscow any academy where we can come and practise free...There is few clubs, where I can get 2 hours a day free. In Sochi I am practising in one place where is just 2 indoor courts, good gym and swiming pool..U never know when its gonna happened, hopefully soon and its my goal in my career)

Hi Missy! Thank you for question..I am good friend with mostly all Russian girls, with Azarenka Viktoria, Domachowska Marta, Tanasugarn Tamarine, Bondarenko sisters. From ATP I dont have such a close friends, but there is some guys, who I know from juniors, so we can chat sometimes when we have time.

Hi Daren! No, I am never gonna do this in my life, because for me its not acceptable and not right, maybe, but its my opinion..

Hi Glenn! Thank you for your question. Sometimes on the warm u dont feel anything, but its normal, cause u get tight before your game and then during the match u get a bit more relaxed and starts to play much better, on the warm up I am just trying to play all shots, espessialy serve and return is impotant..

(Elena V.)
An iranian fan...
my name is majid from iran.
i just want 2 say that u r a good player and a nice girl too.
i hope you answer this massage.

Privet Elena, kak dela? My Russian is very bad seeing as I am English but I learn from some friends I have in Russia.
Anyway, I won't write all the cheesy comments half the people write on here! My question for you, what do you try to think about if you feel unhappy or frustrated in a match? I played tennis and I often get annoyed and its very hard for me to recover. Do you have any words of advice which you use in your game? Anything other than breathe or 'be positive' would be really helpful!

Thank you and good luck for the rest of the year, I hope you get the recognition you deserve in England and everywhere else.


Champions Race 2009
Hi Elena, its Jack from Dorset England here and i wish you all the best in all the opens this year you play in GO VESNINA!!!. My question is who would you really really like to beat this year in any open?.

(Jack Bourne)
Australian Open 2009
Good Luck this year. I'll be cheering you on. I'll be celebrating with you in English if you make a great shot ... yes,yes,yes ... and feel your pain at a misshot by shouting in Russian ... nyet, nyet, nyet. Just like back in Auckland.

PS. Keep Smiling, and try not to get frustrated.

Love ya xxx

(Phil :-P)

two questians
What you thing about hotel Park Inn Danube in the Bratislava? Do you like slovakian peoples?

About Aus open
Hi Elena,its me Zafer from Cyprus! Will you play in Australia open?

ASB Classic Final
Hey Elena, Kiaora.
Congratulations in reaching the final. I was hoping that you'd win but, I noticed that your first serve was always hitting the net, and your balls kept going out over the baseline. When serving, just aim for the ball to go into the square, nothing fancy. The fancy stuff you can do when you return the ball to your opposition. When returning the ball, try hitting them softly by pretending to hit them hard and long, but dropping it just over the net. I used to play when I was a teenager, but I'm 33, and times have changed, but Good Luck in the Aussie open. Hope that you'll be back next year in Auckland. You are such a beautiful young woman, all the best for 2009. You go girl!!

(Phil Lowe)
ASB Final in Auckland
hi Elena, I just wanted to wish you all the best in the final. You are about to take the court against Dementieva, so I hope it all goes well for you today. Will you be getting out and doing some sightseeing in Auckland (or the rest of New Zealand) while you are here, or will you have to leave for the next tour event straight after this tournament?
I saw an interview with you earlier where you said you are also studying sport psychology. That must be tough work playing and training and studying and trying to find time to spend with your family and friends.
I wont hold you up any more, so best of luck with the final and all your up coming matches, I'll be watching!

P.S. Great picture of you and the big Elmur Fudd!!

!st round at Wimbledon
Hello Elena,
My best compliments for your vicktory.
It has been a very strong match with a first set for your opponenet.
I admire your courage and your capacity of concentration to gain the vicktory.
I wish you a good Tournament.
Bye Elena hugs and kisses

Out with Sharapova and in with VEZ(nina)
I am watching you for the first time and cannot get over how gorgeous you are.
I am not attracted to blondes, but you are the exception.
I have seldom seen a woman as totally beautiful as you. The face, the body, the hair, the lips and WOW the legs...
You are a vision of loveliness.

And with all of that you are also a great tennis player.

My question to you and your management and public relations team is:
Why are you not in the media and advertisements more than Sharapova?

You are much more attractive than she could ever hope to be and you are not so irritating on the courts. You are quiet and reserved and she is so horribly noisy.

You should be the new hot item and knock Sharapova off the popularity seat.

Hope to see a lot more of you and not just on the tennis courts.

You make a man wwish he was 30 years younger.

Keep up the good work..

Hugs and kisses

Johnny B

(Johnny Bourget)
World Harmony Run
Hi Elena,

I just wanted to thankyou for taking the time yesterday to met with me and to hold the World harmony Run Torch. Each one of us can make a difference for the better in the world and yesterday you confirmed you desire for international friendship and goodwill. All the best for the remainder of the ASB tournament. If you would like I can send you a photo from yesterday, just tell me what address to send it to.

Take care,

Budhsamudra Knox
World harmony Run Co-ordinator

Well Done
Elena, you did great - buy yourself something nice, you showed us you are a fighter!

Remember this: " it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit ... and keep moving. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!" Rocky Balboa

Wonderful start to a good year for you :)

(Karl Again...sorry)
Your victory over Wozniaki
Hi. when I saw you warming up, your volleying looked a little unsure. Yet, during the game, you volleyed superbly, technically and with confidence.

My question is, were you pretending in the warm up ?

(Glenn Pacey)
well done in auckland
just wanted 2 say great wee in auckland.you won a tough semi and then fought hard in the final .well done

Dear Elena
Dear Elena!

I was a "ballgirl" in the tournament generali ladies linz 2008! maybe you have seen me! i gave you the balls when you played double!

you are such a good tennisplayer! i'm a real fan of you!
Your forehand is sooooooo perfect!!!

good luck!


(Sophia Mayrwöger)
Sorry Elena
Elena, you prove me wrong by beating Vaidisova. Sorry for doubting you..I gave up on your singles career towards last season at the end. You have shown fighting spirit and are really trying on your best surface. I pray for your 1st title :) I shall stick by you from now on. I just felt you give up last year but you have eye of the tiger again. I am humble in being wrong.

Autograph Request



KOLKATA - 700001 (INDIA)





(lalit kumar bajaj)
Grand Slam in Russia
Dear Elena,

You are one of the most beautiful tennis players around the world and incidentally you have great resemblance with a Pakistani famous film actress Sana. I can send u her pics if u ask.

However, my question is:

There are four Grand Slams and countries like France and Australia are hosting such important events why not Russia?

Can u please explain the criteria for hosting a Grand Slam tournament.


Your fair fan,


(Ghalib Bajwa)
OMG you did it!
I'm so proud right now! That was very nerve wracking...i'm shaking with nerves..an ACE to set it up..amazing. Some luck, some bad calls by the ref but well deserved..you are back! Finally...I can get some sleep :)

(Karl Again)
Would you ever pose for Playboy like Ashley Harkleroad?

(Darren Fuller)
What languages can you speak?

Australian open.
Hi Elena I watched your Semi-final game in Auckland it was the first game I have watched you play and couldn't miss the final game for anything. I thought you played like a true champion and never gave up. Are you playing in the Australian open?

(Gary Hanrahan)
from eddy france...
i have a restaurant in toulon (france )not too far from monaco..
i 'm going to live in russia soon, as i met a pretty girl like you..
you're welcome tomy restaurant and will have pleasrue to invite you to drink my best wines..

good luck in futur, ...

you're so pretty


Who are you're tennis player's friends?
hi Elena,I follow your carrer since last year in Roland Garros,I know that you're a very good player with a cool personality
I just want to know who are your friends in WTA tour and also ATP

Your Match today at WImbledon! My review!
Hi Elena. I was at Wimbledon today and watched your match against the spanish girl actually I was sat very close to your father who looked quite nervous on court 4 throughout your match but ofcourse giving you the encouragement in Russian throughout!. I had never seen you play before today and what I have noticed is you have a very strong mental toughness, but in the first set though you seemed very unsure of yourself (getting very upset with yourself) and the spanish girl took it and in the second I thought at one point she was going to win, but your showed how strong you are mentally and you used your ground stroke strength and mental toughness to hang in and take the second set!. In the third in looked like they would only be one winner and you took it! I want to say to you elena (I hope you do read this) I know you probably look like a hard court player but even you can be good on grass you have the height and physical presence advantage good ground strokes and mental toughness and your father looks like a good influence on you from what I saw today. Just try not to get upset early on if things are not going right and play to your strengths and I am sure you can go a long way even in this years wimbledon who knows!

Come on, Elena!
Hey Elena,

best greetings in the new year from Germany! Here its 6 minutes after 4 in the morning and i watch your game against Anne Kethavong with an internet live stream.;) At the moments its 4:5 in the 3rd set ... COME ON! You will get the final, i believe in you! Is it easy to get a card with a sign of you? Is that possible? That would be a great pleasure!

All the best now ... the referree said "time"! You get it!!!!

Lovely greetings from Germany,

Yeah u have done it! What an end in the last set ... 6:7, 6:1, 6:5, 40:0 ... and finally after a little drama the 5th matchball was it!;) Congratulations Lady!

So, for this close and horrible finish u must send me now a card with your sign, ok? hehe ;)

All the best to you, here the day starts in 2 hours.;)

Greetings & good luck 4 the final,

(Tom again ;))
Hi my dearest girl in world!
I'm on military service and I can not follow your game continual!!
But I pray and bless for you every time , every where!!
I love you ... you are so cute, so beautiful, so nice, so lovable and so kind!!
Com'n my dear Elena! find your way and focus on your target and belief yourself , you can do every thing!
It's important that you win your matches but the most important thing for me is you only you not your results!
Thank you for every thing!
**I'm proud of you always in all ways**
>>God Speed You<<
Don't forget me!
*ARA*( From Iran!)
Pardon me for my english!

Elena, What plans do you have to improve in singles next year, can you see light at the end of the tunnel?

Endurance - the ability to be there when you do and to be there when you don't.

What made you want to pursue a career in tennis?

(Mark D.)
Wishing you luck from New Zealand
Hi Elena!
I would like to congratulate you on your semi-final win today at the ASB Classic. I am stoked that you are having your first WTA final at a tournament held by the country I live in. Your semi-final match was filled with so much drama that it literally had me by the edge of my seat. I am sure all the viewers were highly entertained by your performance. I would just like to know if you have thoughts on coming back here for the tournament in 2010. Good luck on your finals match.
Thanks :)

Gianmario from Italy, Moscow airport 1st sept. at 16.20pm
I am GIANMARIO, I AM ITALIAN, and my fatality with you at Moscow airport on 1st sept at 16.20pm.

Hope you have a little time to read it.
I am Gianmario, Manager of some companies in Italy, I do photo modelist sometimes.
In last days I was in Moscow for business, and on 28 August in my hotel, zapping tv channels, I watched on EUROSPORT, alive, a tennis match between WILLIAMS and you Elena..... I was impressed of your style, sweetness, class as tessnis player and person.
when I watches TV you were loosing for 6-1 2-0, and from that moment my heart was really with you. after this match I was sad, and you were in my thoughts in many moments.
Incredibly on 1st sept I was in Moscow airport to wait for my flight coming back in Italy to Milano, and at 16.20pm, exiting from a lift I saw you with a red sport-overall rred RUSSIA, in the immediate moment I was confused, but when I realised, I tried to follow you, but you were already out of the Airport. I was so sad, you cannot imagine.

Now my desire is to become your friend esteem you totally as a person and as a tennis-player.
You have given to me unique and fantastic feelings, and I have a wish now:
to be your friend, And I hope to have the opportunity to follow you in some tourney Europewide.

First before be your fan, I wish to be your friend.
I believe to the destiny and to what was happened in these last days.

An yr reply on e-mail or mobil phone or SMS, it would make me more than happy.
mobil phone +39 335 5281584

Gianmario Corioni
Via Brescia N.79
25033 Cologne (Italia)

Ciao Elena, I desire to receive an your reply as soon as you can,

I would also e-mail you a picture of mine, so may be you remember at the airport, because our eyes saw each others for a while, but I have no direct e-mails or direct contact with you.

hi elena who is your best friend in a circuit tour?

Semi-final Auckland 2009
Rossiya Champion!! ( Moya po-dryga tak skasala...:)

hi elena, i must say you have maintained very good website which provide enough information and media related stuff about you please also take a look of sania mirza unofficial web www.sania-mania.com, and it would be great if you leave your comment there..:) thanks

Moscow Tennis Clubs
Privet Elena,

I played some futures and challengers a few years ago but now just working. I am going this summer for two weeks to Moscow and I was wondering if we could meet for a drink? Haha, just kidding, I was wondering what is the best club to practice or get some matches with good players. It looked like Valery or something looked nice? What do you recommend? Thank you.


(Andy Beckman)
Military Men in Kuwait
We saw you play on tv the other night here in Kuwait and we have to say that you are the most sexiest woman alive. We were wondering if you would be able to send us some autograph pictures of you there were 5 of us who watched your match.

(Michael Perez)
Just a simple question. Do you love cats and or dogs...............

If you have answered, I will explain why .

Best regards and succes in your next tournaments.......

(wim van kerkhoven)
adidas clothes
hi elena....
i love you and you are very beautiful!!!
i was wondering if you choose your adidas clothes or does adidas just give them to you. i know ivanovic wears only the dress or the skirt and top. what do you do?
also, do you get paid for wearing adidas or do you have to pay for your clothes?
thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions!
you are probably really busy and this means a lot to us!

watching the sony ericcson
I am from miami and I just watched you play against justine henin. It's tough facing against a #1 seed. I wonder when you're done playing a match, what do you tend to? Just visit the city or do you relax and hit the clubs?

Tennis in Russia
hello elena,
You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen elena. Love you. I want to know how there are so many tennis players from Russia. Do u people have a great tennis academy there which trains people so regressively and effectively? And one more question when you are gonna win a grand slam and break top 20 ranking?

(Sathiya Chander)
From India With Love
Hi Elena........
i know there is no need to say tat u r very beautiful...like every Russian Tennis Player...but wud really like to know tat wen we can see of u in India....
I really wish u take part in this year's Sunfeast Open in Calcutta....
Last year, i was lucky to have witnessed Makiri...this year i really wish tat u come here...

play in Holland
Hi Elena,

I'm a big fan of you. When do u come to play in Holland?
We have a tournement in Rosmalen every year

First time on your site!
You have the easiest site to navigate ever! And your written english is very well done,....and your photos aren't bad either, haha but seriously...who fills in for you when your not in heaven with the other angels? Could you tell Kirilenko to get her a site like this so I can write her too, your truly my favorite players. I understand Kirilenko likes to fish as do I, do you also enjoy the outdoors?
I don't mean to get all personal and stuff, but I just figured you might be a little tired of the same old tennis questions, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
Anyway.. I know your busy being beautiful so I'll end it short and sweet
kyel s.

(Kyle Standridge)
hey, how are you doing? Im watching a match of urs right now against justine henin and I was thinking, "wow she is gorgeous" so I had to see if you had a site. Glad u did. So is it pretty cool playin in the pros? I used to play, but I stopped. would like to hear what you think of it, and just hear from you for any reason lol. Well good luck with all. Bye beautiful

(Brad P.)
hey elena
hi Elena, I like u and I like your play, good luck and have fun.... ionut

Hi Elena, I hope you're well, and firstly I just want to wish you a massive good luck for today's final in Indian Wells, I'm so desperate to see you win such a big title and have been thrilled with your 2 big wins this week over the Bondarenko's and then Hantuchova and Sugiyama. I've followed you enormously for the past 4 years, and along with Maria S you are my 2 favourite players I've had the pleasure of ever supporting :) I was wondering what sort of goals you've set yourself on the court his season? what you think of England from your time spent here? who your favourite football team(s) is/are? and whether you may look to play Birmingham this year in June?, as its an event I go to each year and it would be amazing to see you there and cheer you on. The very best of luck for today's final, and the rest of the year, I'm with you every step of the way Elena :)

Hi dearest!!

I'm so sad! but looks for better days!!
Com'n Elena!! believe yourself!!
You can....you can...you can!!
Forget Dubai!!
I pray for you every time,every where!!

**I'm proud of you always in all ways**
>>God Speed You<<
Don't forget me!
Pardon me for my English!

Hi dearest!!
OMG!! I can't believe it!! but i believe you always!! yes,yes, yes!! you are fantastic!! Com'n!! you can do everything!! everything!!

yes, I hope see this trophy in your hands!! can I see it?! .... I'm sure I will see it!! you will do it!!
I pray for you every day more than 3 times!! you are my first and only WTA tour player that I like and love her!!

you changed my life !! ya, you changed it!! and I just can say Million Million .... thanks to you!! please answer to me!!

Please answer me!! please!! I will write for you more and more comments and and just wait for one answer !!
**I'm proud of you always in all ways**
>>God Speed You<<
Don't forget me!
Pardon me for my English!!( I'm from IRAN!!)

buna elena
good luck at miami in mach with justinne henin bye bye

Hi dearest!!

now You win this trophy!! congratulation!!
You are amazing!! the best... really the best in world!!
I just want to say " Thank you!" you made me happy in new year in Iran!! this was the best gift that I can receive !! Thanks!!
Focus for more and more title in both (Singles & Doubles) , I support you by praying!!
**I'm proud of you always in all ways**
>>God Speed You<<
Don't forget me!
Pardon me for my English!!( I'm from IRAN!!)

Pacific Life Open 2008
Hello Elena,
My best compiments for your final vicktory in doubles match at Indian Wells. Everything that's a good thing when happens for the first time is unforgettable. So I wish you to remember the day of your first victory in a Tier 1 Tournament as one the best days of your life.
Now you've proved almost the same emotion of others big friends and players of you in the same situation.
It 's a great moment for you.
I think the good result is a confirm that the part of the Russian women team who play doubles in the Fed Cup is a good reality
I wish you a good time.Bye

elea hi
i from israel end i watch to tha you planing end you have veri good play
to fedcup
liri mesii

Its a great victory in Your career ! Youll understand somewhen. Climb on the new LEVEL! Congratulations!!! Loving, kissing :)

plz reply....
hi Elena...
i gave a message last week but never got a reply...plz Elena...reply to me tat ur presence can b felt...

Your admirer.....

you are very sweet ;)
are u real ?

elena i love you
elena hi i from israel end i watch to tha you planing end you have veri good play
to fedcup

WTA Miami (last 16)
Hey Elena,

Watching you play against Henin is good to see but also funny. Especially that expression you have on your face when you serve! ;)


community in orkut
hi elena
iam ur fan from india i created a community for u in orkut .shall u join in the community?
wishing u all the success in future

Love Elena
Hi Elena,
I saw you play in Miami and you play very well. You hit and return the ball hard.

Also, there are so many hot Russian tennis players out there. You are one of them. Keep it up. Looking good.

My question is: do you prefer playing singles or doubles? And why?

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