Soccer Playing Grounds – Grass, Turf Grass, or Carpeted Surface

Elena Vesnina Sport Soccer Playing Grounds – Grass, Turf Grass, or Carpeted Surface
Soccer Playing Grounds – Grass, Turf Grass, or Carpeted Surface


Soccer Playing Grounds – Grass, Turf Grass, or Carpeted Surface

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A soccer is a kind of a team sport that is played between two teams with eleven players and it is done by kicking or heading the ball into the opponent’s area. This game is played in a large grass field whereas the goal nets are on both sides for the players to play and focus on the game to earn points.

Types of Soccer Fields Surface

Real Grass Soccer Surface. Some arenas or playing grounds consider using real grass in playing soccer or football. It can either be Bermuda grass, Kentucky blue grass and perennial rye grass, although they always depend upon certain conditions. Maintenance for real grass in soccer fields is way to expensive. Nonetheless, despite of the maintenance cost, real grass in soccer arena provides more benefits than artificial surfaces like carpets and turf grass.

Carpeted Soccer Surface. Using this type of carpeted soccer surface may be good to some players although the negative side of it must also be considered. Maintenance for carpeted soccer arena is done usually by cleaning companies like Dr. Carpet Irvine | Carpet cleaning service in Irvine, California. People say it is better when done and used in a naturally way because even athletes from before, they were already using natural grass for the game. Nevertheless, it will always depend on the management as long as the game is healthy and fair.

Turf Grass Soccer Surface. Turf grass or an artificial grass has been considered as an option is some areas. Actually, there are advantages of turf grasses resulting for people to appreciate it.

  • Advantages to using turf grass includes minimal maintenance compared to a real grass. For instance that the field is wet because of the rain, the turf makes it more ideal and a great way to play the game unlike the real ones where it has high sensitivity and may even ruin a game. The players are majorly benefited for it allows the ball to move smoothly and in a faster pace.
  • Disadvantage of using turf grass. On the other note, a disadvantage of it is the rate of roughness is quite high because it might actually result to painful turf burns. The use of turf grass is also detrimental to people for it is cancerous because the rubbers are made out of carcinogens which makes it deadly after too much heat exposure.

Things to consider when playing Soccer: 

  • The good and healthy shape of the players physically and mentally.
  • Ergogenic aids, or substances that athletes must take and see to it for enhancing athletic performance, like running shoes must also be in a good condition in order for the player to play well.
  • Playing area or the soccer field because different factors may arise.

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