Tennis Athletes – The Anti-Doping Issue

Elena Vesnina Tennis Tennis Athletes – The Anti-Doping Issue
Tennis Athletes – The Anti-Doping Issue


Tennis Athletes – The Anti-Doping Issue

Posted By Julia Konovalova

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Maria Sharapova is back with her drug ban shrinking back into her mind at a Game in which the anti-doping process hardly scrapes the top of an issue which is less likely to be not existing. Doping is becoming rampant among many athletes. They can just go to Wirklich legale Legal Highs. Despite gaining the dope legally, it can still affect the way they perform throughout the game.

Screening Tennis Players

Tennis players tend to be screened at the degree of players in the sport that rake just that little less money and coverage. Tennis athletes were examined for any type of substance in the speed of summer sports — and just 40 percent of the gamers that went through these evaluations relate to were suspended.

The biological passport hasn’t produced one example of doping. A specific stripe of tennis enthusiast would insist that tennis players do not cheat, even if they are familiar with the scale and procedures of contemporary doping.

Pros respect the testing procedures on which tennis is based as highly suspicious, primarily since the game does not chase at any conclusion after major testing had been done. This past year, an evaluation by ESPN laid bare the scale of how to put this. The ITF anti-doping chief advised it can be too expensive to check on these athletes annually

The ITF expenditures on anti-doping processes

As it is, the ITF spends more than 4 million yearly testing the athletes. Around $50m is given in prize money in the united states Open, with every winner this season taking home $3.7m. Given just how much fiscal value is set on the overall look of cleanliness, it is possible to see why the game could think this financial model functions.

Should you question the ethics of tennis, then you’ll be issued lots of invitations to consume it. It is hard to escape the conclusion that a great deal of folks just don’t wish to understand. Neither tennis lovers, nor tennis administrators. How long that the latter can keep this position is unclear, however, the Sharapova scandal has been efficiently ridden out. I envy the government for seemingly believing their game is sterile –but curse them for ruining the enjoyment of people.

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Written by Julia Konovalova

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