Tennis: The key to success is your left hand

Elena Vesnina Sport, Tennis Tennis: The key to success is your left hand
Tennis: The key to success is your left hand

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Tennis: The key to success is your left hand

Posted By Julia Konovalova

There are a good deal of rumours flying about about left-handed men and women are smarter and great in sports, below are one of them.

Rafael Nadal – is possibly for his success on clay courts, because 2005 with over 160 successes at first glance.

Fishing Rod Laver – When most modern tennis fans discuss concerning the best players ever, the conversation is usually centered by recent titles (and right-handers) like Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. When these gamers belong within the discussion, Fishing rod Laver’s achievements are overlooked on account of the age by.

11 game titles were won by the Laver and was one of the best tennis gamers before that. He is to win Grand Slam contests on every of the three surfaces of grass grass, and hardcourt.

She was the real lady Navratilova is regarded as because the finest player. Her achievements in tennis’ game are staggering: 10 mixed doubles game titles, and 18 Grand Slam singles game titles, 31 Slam women’s doubles game titles.

McEnroe is possibly appreciated for his temper and the arguments as they may have possessed the lefty backhand in the standing for tennis he idol judges. As being a player that was left-handed that was amazing he known as Unhealthy Boy of Tennis.

A day of another left-handed tennis John McEnroe, the two had many championship matches against one another during their careers.Connors demonstrated calm professionalism is that the ideal foil.

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Written by Julia Konovalova

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